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Black Cat Blues

a Firefly/Serenity RPG

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Firefly roleplaying game
Welcome to the official community for gamerchick and humbleminion's tabletop Firefly game, Black Cat Blues. Here you will find IC bluebooking threads, OOC announcements about metagame concerns, and all manner of other fun stuff. Feel free to watch or comment on anything you see here, but note that only active players in the game will have posting access and be permitted to join.

Want to get caught up on the story so far? Check the memories, where you will find summaries of every session we've played up until this point.

Cast Of Characters:
Nicolas Navarra, captain (captainnicolas), played by Noel
Aidan Quinn Navarra Crane, pilot (flyinintheblack), played by peloria
Birgitta Makar, mechanic (birgittamakar), played by eustacio
Elisa Maza, investigator, played by mendeia
Osiris/Azriel Yovnah/Maxwell Crane, doctor, played by dayzdark
Daisy Sikamba, passenger and anthropologist, NPC
MsSgt Rose Archer, security officer, NPC
Tom Borchardt, informant and fixer (big_tom_b), NPC

Not Currently With Us:
Jin Siqin, hacker and organized crime guru, played by kyrryn. Recovering off-ship after being tortured by Reavers.
Luke Kano, face (lukekano_gcrs), played by tankmancr. Turned out to be the Inquisitor, a highly trained Alliance torturer, and kind of lost his mind because of it.
Jaya Singh, disguise and impersonation expert (jayasingh), played by ilyeana. Working a better job recruiting for the Companions.

Ship Rules:
1. Every time the ship takes off, a firework must be shot off.
2. No one is allowed to harm any animal on the ship (humans don't count).
3. Nothing large enough for a person to pass through on the ship may be locked.
4. No one may have sex on board while the ship is in motion.
5. Under no circumstances will the Captain wear women's clothing, on or off the ship.
6. The wearing of hats aboard Black Cat is not permitted.
7. Disguises are prohibited aboard Black Cat.
8. Absolutely no canned beans allowed aboard Black Cat.
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