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General Open Thread for Time Spent En Route to Qilin and Afterwards - Black Cat Blues [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Black Cat Blues

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General Open Thread for Time Spent En Route to Qilin and Afterwards [Jun. 30th, 2009|12:01 pm]
Black Cat Blues


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Sorry it took me so long to put this up. Consider this a general place to put any conversations you might want to have during the time that Black Cat is en route to Qilin, or during the few days that you have spent there so far. If it's important when a conversation takes place, just state the time frame in your opening comment. Have fun and we'll see you all in two weeks. (c:

[User Picture]From: flyinintheblack
2009-07-11 04:55 am (UTC)
Quinn is quiet, letting Elisa say everything she needs to say, and apparently used to long speeches full of things she doesn't fully understand. In the middle, she quietly holds out a bit of tissue so that Elisa can wipe her eyes.

She doesn't leave Elisa wondering long after she asks her question, taking a breath and letting it out, then saying, "I seen a lot of thing in this verse. A man could be surprised and probly pretty disbelievin. But if a man can git turned into a reaver and coaxed back to bein' a man again, a lovin' one with all his heart; and if the crew of a ship can have their memories taken of a whole month or more and get them back again; if little tiny robots can be put in a body to make it sick, and then other ones put in to make it whole again; a mother cured, a child reunited with its family, a glowin flower, a smile, a kiss and a half-hearted grin, a person saved from gettin shot or stabbed or et... well ain't no one heard of half those things, and aint the others appreciated near enough for bein' the biggest miracles this verse has got in it. And if all them things can be, well then I think some mind-controllin blue gunk ain't got no chance in hell against a woman as whip-crackin smart and tough as you sure seem to be.

"Don't you let Osiris' askin about how ye wants to be burried get to you; The Doc likes to be prepared for the worst. And don't you let Nicholas' rules git to you; the captain likes to expect the worse. And don't you let Birgitta git to you; sometimes she likes to make the worst, but usually not fer the crew.

"I tell ya, in my time flyin this ship, I ain't never seen the worst. I seen a lotta gall-derned weird things and I felt like I weren't gonna come out the other side of it. We always did. As long as you stick with us, you will to. And if you want help gettin Matt back, point sometime and I betcha anythin that the captain will tell us jump. I know him, he likes to help someone as needs it."
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[User Picture]From: mendeia
2009-07-11 05:30 am (UTC)
Elisa nods. All through Quinn's words she had been listening intently, as if she were holding onto a thread that she didn't dare break by disturbing even the air around her. Now she turns to the stars, releasing a breath of her own.

"I believe you. There's so much you've already told me about that seemed so impossible, I guess saving Matt isn't too far afield for that. As long as I don't give up on him, and you all don't give up on me, then maybe there's a fighting chance. But I know what you mean about the captain. I'm that way too. That's why I'm here. You folk look like you need help, and maybe I'm it. I'll give you my best, and maybe it'll be just enough to tip the balance for you."

Elisa turns back to Quinn and there's something ablaze in her eyes that Quinn hadn't seen since Matt fired his gun at her.

"So I'm going to throw myself into this, help you figure this out, solve Hector's last case. Wherever it takes us. And if I'm still breathing at the end of it, if there's no more loose ends or troubles with you and your crew to be handled, then I'll ask for your help. But not until. Goliath and I, we're used to working to the bone on a case to help someone in need. And I can see how much you can use even just another pair of hands around here, not to mention his particular skills. I'm going to take this one on with all I've got. And when we're done, then I'll go looking for Matt and see if you're willing to help."

Goliath whines suddenly and looks at Elisa with a doggy face that obviously wants for something. Elisa scruffs his head affectionately. As his tail thumps, she looks at Quinn sharply for a moment, then nods to herself.

"Goliath," and her voice is all sharp command. The dog practically snaps to attention as she draws his focus. "Guard." She flicks her hands in a particular signal, then points to Quinn. Goliath steps forward slowly, sniffs Quinn's hand almost solemnly, then turns in a circle and sits down between them.

"I hope you don't mind. I just gave Goliath a command to protect you if you're in trouble. He usually goes into a fight even before I can get my gun out, and if something really bad happens to me he'll forget everything else to get me out alive, but in the chaos of things, he's pretty good for looking after someone in trouble. I'm sure you can handle yourself," and here Elisa smiles even more, "and I know the captain and Osiris will do their best to protect you, but it's my way to look after the innocent, and there's nobody as innocent as the little one you're carrying. So if you get in trouble, call Goliath's name if you can and he'll come running. And even if you can't even call, he might know anyway. He's good at that."

The change in Elisa is subtle, but present. She looks more settled, more at home, and less like a wanderer. Even Goliath seems to sense it, as he makes an odd wuffling sound and comfortably stretches out, filling up a lot of the floorspace in the cockpit. Elisa rubs his belly.

"Thank you, Quinn. I feel better having talked, less alone. So if there's anything I can do to repay the kindness, please let me know. Least I can do for someone who could listen to me talk so much."
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